General Admission

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All tickets are General Admission (GA) and grant access to the Salmo River Ranch at 8am on Friday, August 9th, 2019 until Monday, August 12th, 2019.

  • Free Tent Camping
  • Free Parking
  • Must be 19+
  • Taxes added at checkout

2019 Camping & Parking

All General Admission tickets include tent camping and parking in our Free Parking Lot. We encourage our guests to drop off their gear at our drop zone and leave their vehicles in our Free Parking lot.

The festival is held on a working farm; therefore the less cars on the cows’ grazing fields, the better. Free Parking is separate from the campgrounds, adjacent to the Sunshine Camp Zone. Guests who choose to use Free Parking have access to the Camp Zones Metta, Starlight and Sunshine.

If you’d like to camp with your vehicle, RV, or trailer, you’ll need to buy either a Sunshine or Starlight camping decal on-site upon arrival with cash only. Two camp zones allow for vehicle camping: Sunshine and Starlight. Only camperized vehicles with a permanent bed installed in it that guests will be sleeping in will be permitted in Starlight


Choose your own Adventure

Shambhalodging offers the ultimate festival experience: comfort, convenience, shade. One of our five different packages is sure to be exactly the festival camping experience you’re looking for.

Each Shambhalodging campsite is levelled and landscaped to ensure a comfortable, shady place to enjoy your Shambhala Music Festival experience. The camp zone is a four to five minute walk to the downtown area. Tucked away from the excitement of the festival, it offers a bit of peace and tranquility, while still being located close to the action. Our Lodging hosts are available 24 hours a day during the festival to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe experience.


  • Express Lane Entry at the gate
  • A prime reserved campsite
  • Waived early entry fees for themselves and another guest within the same vehicle (a value of up to $300 CAD for Campsite Only, BASSics, Fancy Pants and Belle-Luxe/$600 CAD for Central Park). Central Park lodgers will enjoy waived early entry fees for up to three guests with them in the vehicle
  • Parking for one vehicle within our nearby ShambhaLodging parking lot is included with the Campsite Only, Bassics package and Belle-Luxe. Fancy Pants and Central Park Lodgers have reserved parking at their campsite
  • Peace of mind with friendly ShambhaLodging hosts 24 hours a day
  • Port-a-potties and potable drinking water located nearby
  • ShambhaLodging gift packs and map
  • Complimentary coffee hour each morning

For more information on lodging visit the FAQ on our website, or contact us.

Please Note: Tickets are NOT included in ShambhaLodging so please make sure to get your Tickets above. Thanks!

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BYOTent. Our Campsite Only package includes a manicured 10’ x 10’ campsite where you can set up your own tent. Check the size of your tent before you come to the festival. It will need to fit within a 10’ x 10’ space.

All campsites are approximately 120 square feet (10’x10′) with slight variation from site to site. Parking for one vehicle within our nearby ShambhaLodging parking lot is included with the Campsite Only package.

*based on double occupancy

BASSics {{ cart['currency_info'][cart['currency']]['currency_symbol'] }}{{ Math.ceil(650 * cart['exchangerate']) }}{{ cart['currency'] }}

Forget hauling in a tent and air mattress. Make camping easy with the BASSics package. You’ll arrive to a tent and queen size air mattress all set up for you in a shady 10x10 campsite. Just bring your pillows and bedding. No room to pack bedding? No problem. Simply add the bedding upgrade during checkout. Parking for one vehicle within our nearby ShambhaLodging parking lot is included with the BASSics packages.

BASSics tents measure 9'x 9' with a peak height of 4'7. All campsites are approximately 120 square feet (10’x 10’) with a slight variation from site to site.

*based on double occupancy

Fancy Pants {{ cart['currency_info'][cart['currency']]['currency_symbol'] }}{{ Math.ceil(1500 * cart['exchangerate']) }}{{ cart['currency'] }}

Experience the party of a lifetime in style with Fancy Pants. Enjoy a full camp setup in a luxurious 10’ x 12’ canvas tent on a raised deck platform. This package includes all the upgrades: a deluxe queen size air mattress, bedding, two lawn chairs, 45L cooler, water jug, free showers, and parking directly at your campsite.

*based on double occupancy

Belle Luxe {{ cart['currency_info'][cart['currency']]['currency_symbol'] }}{{ Math.ceil(1750 * cart['exchangerate']) }}{{ cart['currency'] }}

The Belle-Luxe package offers the perfect blend of space and comfort. These massive 5 metre diameter bell tents provide lots of wiggle room for group camping. Made of highly breathable natural cotton canvas, they are the embodiment of glamping. Belle-Luxe is designed for use by 4 people.

The package includes 2 queen size air beds and all the upgrades: bedding, 45L cooler, water jug, 4 lawn chairs, a special Belle-Luxe gift pack, complimentary showers, priority processing through the gate and waived early entry fees for two people. Parking for one vehicle within our nearby ShambhaLodging parking lot is included with the Belle-Luxe package.

Central Park {{ cart['currency_info'][cart['currency']]['currency_symbol'] }}{{ Math.ceil(2350 * cart['exchangerate']) }}{{ cart['currency'] }}

As close to Downtown you can get. Central Park offers RV site hookups right in the middle of everything outside downtown Shambhala. Bring your RV / Trailer and enjoy your 15’ x 50’ campsite, 30 amps of power, daily freshwater refill and sani-dump. These campsites offer plenty of room for your RV / trailer, friends’ tents, and campsite furniture. Express Entry and waived early entry fees for up to 4 people.

Central Park is very close to the stages, so earplugs are recommended for your downtime. Stages have 15-20 hours of musical programming per day.

Package Upgrades

If you’re looking to make your journey HOME to Shambhala Music Festival as smooth as possible, please peruse our upgrade options. You can upgrade your ShambhaLodging package to include additional bedding, 45L coolers, water jugs and lawn chairs. Please note, this option is only available to those who have purchased a ShambhaLodging package.

Bedding Rental

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If you’re looking for the ultimate in convenience, simply purchase our rental bedding option. You’ll receive 2 pillows, pillow cases, a fitted and top sheet, as well as queen bed comforter.

Cooler & Water Jug

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Stay hydrated with our rental cooler and water jug. You’ll receive a 45L water jug, as well as a medium sized cooler.

Lawn Chairs

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Travel light with our rental lawn chairs. You’ll receive 2 foldable lawn chairs.

2019 Early Entry

Want to secure a great camp spot close to the stages and beat the rush? Guests are welcome to arrive on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, but will be subject to an additional fee at the rates below. Early Admission is collected in cash as you enter into the festival, and cannot be purchased in advance.

This year, Shambhala Music Festival is dropping the daily Early Entry rate to $50 per day as well as adding an extra day. Guests are now welcome to arrive on the farm on Tuesday to avoid the mad rush of thousands of people running through the gates all at once. You can now enjoy arriving even earlier to beat the rush, get set-up and once settled, chill out by the pristine Salmo River as you await the six stages come to life.

Early Entry Fees

* Early Entry pricing offsets the costs of additional staffing and service levels for the extra festival days (including the recent extension of Monday through Tuesday morning post-show to allow people a good night's sleep on Monday). All GA Tickets include admission on Friday August 9th at 8:00 AM (PST) for no additional fee.

Tuesday Entry

(+tax & fees)
Without Lodging
$150 per/person
  • In effect from gate opening until 7:59 AM (PST) on Wednesday August 7th, 2019
  • Get set up and settled in - best camping selection
  • No stages open
  • Longest wait times due to volume of arrivals
  • Limited amount of Artisan Market and Food Court vendors open
*FREE with a Lodging Package! *FREE with your Lodging Package

Wednesday Entry

(+tax & fees)
Without Lodging
$100 per/person
  • In effect from gate opening until 7:59 AM (PST) on Thursday, August 8th, 2019
  • Get set up and settled in - best camping selection
  • No stages open
  • Artisan Market and Food Court open
  • Longest wait times due to volume of arrivals
*FREE with a Lodging Package! *FREE with your Lodging Package

Thursday Entry

(+tax & fees)
Without Lodging
$50 per/person
  • In effect from gate opening until 7:59 AM (PST) on Friday, August 9th, 2019
  • Overflow camping available
  • 2 of 6 stages open - AMPitheatre and Living Room Stage
  • Shorter wait times, but please still prepare for a 2-5 hour wait.
  • Artisan Market and Food Court Open
*FREE with a Lodging Package! *FREE with your Lodging Package

2019 Collectable Holographic

Experience the Shambhala Music Festival magic before it’s even begun with an exclusively designed 2019 Collectable Hologram delivered to your door. While Shambhala Music Festival has moved to electronic tickets, we’re keeping the hologram tradition alive with our 2019 Collectable Hologram. Please note, this is NOT a ticket.

*The 2019 Collectable Hologram is NOT a ticket and will not be accepted in the place of a ticket. The 2019 Collectable Hologram will be shipped in the spring of 2019.

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